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The original paper dispensing rolling cradle. Designed to streamline your rolling experience, secure your tips, protect your papers and provide a cradle all in one! 

We are an independent London based team that believe in doing things your own way. We wanted to improve peoples rolling experience by creating an innovative product that would streamline any smokers rolling experience by combining convenience with functionality.  

The Rollie was born out of our love and passion for the industry and we believe that what you roll with is just as important as what you roll; that’s why all of our papers are made using non-GMO, chemical free European grown hemp for a slow and smooth burn with 0% ash content. 


The Rollie is made using sustainable hemp plastic. Consisting of 25% hemp bi-product and 75% recycled plastic from a source that meets EU regulatory requirements. The hemp fibres increase the cradles strength and reduces the amount of plastic used. As a result, carbon emissions are reduced by 70-90% compared to generic plastics...The cherry on top? Rollie papers and tips are produced in a carbon neutral, no waste facility so you can roll and smoke with a clear conscious.


The Rollie was developed to revolutionise the way you roll. Proudly designed, developed and manufactured in the UK. 

The very first concept of Rollie was a simple 3D print back in 2019. We looked at how different people roll, the inconveniences of everyday rolling and found there was nothing that combines practicality with innovative design. The Rollies patent pending paper dispensing design is tried and tested to be the best it can be.  


Do you find it hard to roll on the go? Do you often lose track of your paper and tips? Do you balance your papers pack as a cradle? We did too until the Rollie was created.  

Here at Rollie, our aim is to revolutionise your rolling experience. The Rollie is just the beginning...we have plenty more to come.