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Grinder & Custom Engraved Rollie Bundle

  • £15.99

The original paper dispensing rolling cradle with custom laser engraving.

Personalised using fiber laser technology to achieve a consistent, detailed and accurate engraving. 

The revolutionary hemp plastic rolling cradle designed to enhance your rolling experience. Rollie houses king size slim papers alongside regular or wide tips.

Comes with a magnetic two part aluminum grinder with diamond teeth, complete with Rollie engraving. This mini grinder is perfect for rolling on the go & fits in almost anything! Most importantly its on a key chain, so you can always have it close by. 

Check out our about page if you would like to know more about Rollie


  • Rollie
  • King size slim 100% hemp papers
  • Unbleached perforated tips
  • Mini key chain grinder

*Please note every rollie has a tiny hole on the face of the rollie as this is where the injection point for moulding is. This is unavoidable.